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Kiri Valios
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Auotos Beta IV


12 ABY

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Jedi Initiate

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Jessalyn Valios

"You have left the warmth of the womb, the safety of her all-encompassing embrace, that is why you cry. But you will not leave her care, ever, nor the reach of her love."
Aurejin after the birth of Kiri

Kiri Valios was the child of Jessalyn Valios and Aurejin, born on Auotos Beta IV (also known as Gaena) in 12 ABY. Kiri is currently an initiate within the Jedi Order. Even as a newborn, Kiri's innate Force abilities were very strong and nurtured by his parents. As a baby, Kiri recognized Lahanna Hoj's latent Force-gift as well, leading to her becoming a Jedi apprentice under Jessalyn Valios. In order to keep him safe from the Sith, Kiri and other Jedi children were hidden on Gaena under Jessalyn's guardianship from 13-17 ABY.

In 17 ABY, Kiri and several other Jedi Initiates were captured by Aurejin, who had turned to the Dark Side and attempted to bring them to the Emperor. The Younglings were rescued by Luke Skywalker when he defeated and killed the fallen Aurejin.

Not long after this incident, Kiri, Ranma Hoshiakarui and Paul Nighman were captured by Darth Malign during a trip to Dac. While held captive on Trandosha, Malign tried to sway the child with Sith philosophies and bequeathed him with the name Darth Tragos. His mother, Jessalyn Valios, would call in every favor she was owed by the New Republic, and thus the Battle of Trandosha was fought in part to cover the rescue effort to retrieve Kiri and the others. He was largely unhurt, though watching his friends tortured and experimented upon by the Sith would leave indelible wounds and create a yearning to learn more and more about his impressive, growing powers.

Kiri was extremely precocious and bright for his age, and often startled even other Jedi with his Force abilities. His ability to see both into the past and the future was his strongest gift as a child, and he was accustomed to having dreams and hunches that often came true. He was fair-skinned, with curly black hair and his mother's green eyes.

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