Jim Doniger was an Imperial Petty Officer in the Imperial Navy who served as Danik Kreldin's personal assistant from 9 ABY until Kreldin's death in 15 ABY.

Doniger was hand-picked by Kreldin while aboard the HIMS Tyrant to serve as Kreldin's primary assistant, and the two would enter into a close friendship that would cover six years and numerous stations and warships in the Empire.

Due to his loyalty to Kreldin, Doniger would follow Danik into the Neo-Imperial Movement at the onset of the War of the Throne, and would later play a significant role in keeping Kreldin's survival of the Trap on Etti IV a secret. Later, Doniger would return to the Empire after the ousting of Emperor Darth Malus, and Kreldin's return to active duty.

In 14 ABY, Doniger would survive the destruction of the HIMS Conqueror's bridge (having been called to the hangar moments before the torpedo hit the bridge, sealing the fate of the Star Destroyer) and would, for a brief period, take control of the Star Destroyer from the secondary bridge before handing command over to Commander Lynae Cassius-Caiton.

Doniger would continue his service in the Empire, and Danik's "death" would heavily impact the Petty Officer. Nevertheless, Doniger continued undaunted, remaining aboard the HIMS Predator. After Danik's return and the coup against the Emperor, Doniger fled and went into hiding, fearing execution for his past relations with Kreldin.

He came out of hiding in 16 ABY to join the Imperial Loyalists under Xamuel Lennox, promoted to Lieutenant aboard Tyrant. Upon Kreldin's return in 18 ABY, Doniger was returned to his position as Kreldin's personal aide.

Jim Doniger is a Non-Player Character, for storyline use only.

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