The Internal Organization Bureau, sometimes referred to as IntOrg, was a bureau of Imperial Intelligence designed to protect Imperial Intelligence's security from internal and external threats.

The agents of IntOrg had a highly civil manner and a strong sense of political etiquette, though they did not lack in ruthlessness when the situation called for it. IntOrg retained a good reputation among the agents of the other bureaus for their committment to the security of Imperial Intelligence and since they did not abuse their authority or conduct political witch-hunts.

The Internal Organization Bureau was divided into two branches, the Internal Security Branch and the Internal Counter-intelligence Bureau.

Internal Security Branch (IntSec)Edit

Intsec trooper

The Internal Security Branch was responsible for the physical security of the personnel, materiel and facilities of Imperial Intelligence. IntSec agents were generally the butt of jokes of other Intelligence agents as IntSec was considered a branch for the unambitious, but over the Galactic Civil War IntSec greatly upgraded its personnel and procedures in response to bolder attacks by the Rebellion. Agents of IntSec were the only officers in Intelligence authorized to carry weapons while within intelligence facilities, and they had many plainclothes agents operating outside facilities to spot and stop potential trouble before it was realized.

Internal Counter-intelligence Bureau (IntCon)Edit

The Internal Counter-intelligence Bureau was responsible for rooting out enemy agents or spy rings in Imperial Intelligence. With tremendous freedom to access any data through Sector Plexus, they were able to accumulate vast amounts of useful data.

IntCon resembled a miniature Imperial Intelligence, with its own sections for Analysis, Operations, and Intelligence. The boundaries, however, were often blurred, and IntOrg was known for its informal atmosphere and loose structure.

Information inside IntOrg was heavily secured against access by other bureaus, but there was literally no information security from other members of IntOrg. This was a means for IntOrg to monitor itself: every decision, action or piece of data generated by a member of IntOrg was available to any other member of IntOrg who chose to examine it. This lack of secrecy, and often privacy, made it almost impossible for an enemy spy to operate within IntCon.


In 19 ABY, IntOrg was dissolved. It's assets were assimilated into the newly formed Internal Security Division of Imperial Intelligence, and many of its operations streamlined for improved efficiency.

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