Intelligence was a bureau of Imperial Intelligence, the Galactic Empire's premier intelligence agency. The Intelligence bureau received the data that Analysis had finished sorting, cleaning, decoding, or manipulating.

Intelligence was comprised of experts from all over the Empire, recruiting military experts, cultural experts, experts in politics, economics, science and technology, experts in almost every field of endeavor, and Intelligence has recruited experts from universities, corporations, planetary governments, artistic movements, religious movements, the media, the underworld - from nearly every conceivable place or organization, including some Rebel turncoats.

Intelligence combined the vast knowledge of its agents with the most sophisticated computer models in the galaxy to predict trends or future actions of the enemies of the Empire. These predictions are refined into reports transmitted to the Ubiqtorate. From these reports, the Ubiqtorate establishes priorities and sets strategies for the whole of Imperial Intelligence.

The organization was assimilated into Imperial Intelligence proper in 19 ABY, under the directives of then Grand Vizier Korynn Fleming. With the Galactic Empire destroyed and reorganized into the Imperial Remnant, Fleming moved to consolodate the various Intelligence organizations of the Empire into one body. The only division of Intelligence to survive intact was the ExComm division, which was rolled into the Sector Plexus.

External Communications (ExComm)Edit

Sector Plexus was the normal conduits for information between the Bureaus and the system cells. ExComm was a branch with its own communicatiosn equipment. While much smaller than Sector Plexus, ExComm was used for emergency communication with system cells, or for priority communications with the military forces of the Empire. ExComm was used for those rare times when the labyrinthine communication works of Sector Plexus were just quick enough.


Sedition was a branch of Intelligence which specialized in knowledge and predictions on organized opposition to the Empire. Sedition grew rapdily in the years preceding the Battle of Yavin to keep pace with the increased resentment to the Emperor's rule.


Crisis was not a permanent branch of Intelligence. It was created as need arose, a Crisis branch for each active hot spot within the Empire. A Crisis branch was in constant contact with the Ubiqtorate, and ExComm facilities were at their disposal for direct contacts with Grand Moffs and higher, and even the Emperor if the situation was dire enough.

Sector BranchesEdit

The sector branches were the basic divisions of Intelligence. There was a sector branch for each sector in the Empire, and each sector branch had scores or hundreds of experts within it. Sedition and Crisis drew from the sector branches as was appropriate for the sitaution at hand.

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