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The elite starfighter pilots of the Galactic Empire form the Imperial Starfighter Corps. Typically assigned to fleet carriers and Imperial Star Destroyers, the Imperial Starfighter Corps exists through the doctrine of pure numerical superiority in space combat, and as a result uses cheap to produce fighters that lack in performance one-on-one when faced with a starfighter of the New Republic.

A wing of starfighters, four TIE Interceptor squadrons, all of which are of the Mark 2 modification, and two Scimitar Assault Bomber squadrons, are assigned to a single Imperial Star Destroyer. Most Imperial starfighters lack hyperdrives, and thus are fully reliant on their mother ships for transportation in between systems.

The Imperial Starfighter Corps is a division of the Imperial Navy, and thus follows Naval organization. The head of the Starfighter Corps is the Chief of Starfighter Operations, who reports directly to the Chief Naval Officer and the Grand Admiral's Council. The Chief of Starfighter Operations does not have a seat on that Council, however.

Organization Edit


  • Sector Flight: A composition of multiple Fleet Flights consisting of tens of thousands of ships and hundreds of thousands officers and enlisted
  • Fleet Flight: This usually was composed of multiple System Flights consisting of thousands of ships and tens of thousands officers and enlisted
  • System Flight: 4608 ships, 7680-19200 officers, 11520-34560 enlisted
    At least 4 Starfighter Commands
  • Command: 1152 ships, 1920-4800 officers, 2880-8640 enlisted
    At least 4 Starfighter Groups
  • Group: 288 ships, 480-1200 officers, 720-2160 enlisted
    At least 4 Starfighter Wings
  • Wing: 72 ships, 120-300 officers, and 180-540 enlisted
    A wing usually consisted of 6 squadrons; 4 fighter and 2 bomber
  • Squadron: 12 ships, 20-50 officers, 30-90 enlisted
    A basic fighter squadron had 12 ships, a bomber squadron consisted of double the personnel
  • Flight: 6 fighters, 6 officers, 18 enlisted
    This is the lowest level of command

Ships of the Corps

Space Superiority Fighter
Space Superiority Fighter
Training Fighter
Heavy Assault Fighter Bomber
Heavy Assault Bomber

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Officers in the Starfighter Corps wear the Imperial Pilot Uniform while flying. Due to the intensity of operations on Imperial warships, most pilots, under the direction and approval of their commanding officers, wear their flight suits – sans vest pack, gloves, and flight boots – at all times, provided the wearer had active flight status. Otherwise they wear the Imperial Duty Uniform for the Starfighter Corps.

History Edit

Previously existing as a part of the Imperial Navy, the Starfighter Corps recently took on its own rank and organization, autonomy from the Navy, by the order of Jal'Dana Rall in 15 ABY. The first commissioned commander of the corps was Krieg Inrokana, taking the rank at the time of Wing Commander. The Corps was highly successful, and soon its first commander progressed to the rank of Marshal earning the command of Task Force Inquisitor as the first non-Navy commander. The newest chapter of the corps involves the addition of the most advanced starfighter to date, the TIE Avenger.

Notaries Edit

Famous Pilots Edit

Pilots are listed in historical order, from newest to oldest

Former Commanding Officers Edit

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Current Commanding Officers Edit

HIMS Inquisitor Units
Commander, Razor Squadron

Liza Molokai

Task Force Command, Inquisitor

Krieg Inrokana

OOC Info Edit

For Starfighter Corps contact info, see MUSH Faction/Org Contacts.

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