The uniform guidelines for pilots of the Imperial Navy and Imperial Starfighter Corps detail several uniforms for wear during review, during duty, and during combat operations.

Dress Uniform Edit

See Imperial Dress Uniform

Duty Uniform Edit

See Imperial Duty Uniform for Starfighter Pilots

Because of the intensity of operations on an Imperial warship, most pilots, under the direction and approval of their commanding officers, began wearing their flight suits – sans vest pack, gloves, and flight boots – on shifts when they were on alert or ready status. The practice became so common that Imperial doctrine adjusted the official requirements to an arrangement wherein this flight suit and a "deck boot" was acceptable duty uniform at all times, provided the wearer had active flight status.

Combat Operations Uniform (Flight) Edit

Variant I (Standard Rate) Edit

Most pilots are issued this uniform, and it has become the trademark look for Imperial fighter operations. The typical TIE line of starfighter craft do not feature an oxygenated cockpit, and as such, all environmental gear must be included within or on the uniform itself. The helmet is fully enclosed, and full of features such as comlink, filter, and imaging lenses. The flight suit is a heavy, lined, one-piece garment that, when closed and joined (via magnetic cuffs and collars) to the gloves and boots, shrouds and protects the wearer from the vaccuum of space. Typically, this suit is jet-black, with the Imperial insignia on the shoulders. A few "rover" or elite units add their own insignia in the place of one of the two shoulder patches. A combat vest tops off the suit, outfitted with the environmental refresher unit, data recorder, and a short-range transponder.

  • Flightsuit; one-piece, sealed, black
  • Flight vest with life-support unit; hoses connecting to helmet, black
  • Helmet;
  • Two hoses connecting to a life support unit
  • Black belt with buckle - Imperial starburst in center of buckle
  • Black helmet with Imperial starburst on either side of the front
  • Appropriate squadron patch on right shoulder
  • No rank squares, no identification

Variant II (Advanced Rate) Edit

Distinguished, role-specific, or elite units wear this uniform, at their discretion. Because these units frequently operate a variety of craft in both atmosphere and vaccuum, Imperial doctrine revisited the Phase II armor and uniform from the Clone Wars and made several alterations and advancements. The same rules apply to this variant as to Variant I. As noted, only a few select units have been equipped with this uniform suite.

  • Compression shirt; white
  • Flightsuit; one-piece, sealed, black
    • Imperial Starburst patch on left shoulder; white on black
    • Squadron patch on right shoulder
    • No Identification
  • Armored vest shell with life-support unit; black
  • Variant II helmet; enhancement lenses; full-face sealable
  • Gloves; black
  • Flight Boots; black

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