The Imperial Military Reform Policy was issued in 14 ABY by then Supreme Commander Danik Kreldin as a major effort to modernize aging Imperial Military equipment and technology.

Some ReformsEdit

  • Putting an end to the TIE/ln Fighter. This particular fighter had seen many years of service, but was ultimately viewed by Kreldin as too old and ineffective for any more use in the Imperial Navy. The Imperial Navy ceased use of the fighter, and instead replaced all frontline fighter units with TIE Interceptor Mark 2s and equipped all other reserve, garrison, or remote fighter units with TIE Interceptors.
  • Kreldin proposed and helped design the ST-III, a new line of blaster rifles for use by the Stormtrooper Corps and the Imperial Army, and put an end to use of the ST-I and limited use of the ST-II, both aging models.

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