Imperial Center Oversector, also known as Sector Zero, was an Imperial Oversector that included Azure Sector and Imperial Sector in the Core as well as Kiribi in the Colonies. Until 1 BBY it was ruled by Grand Moff Trachta. After 1 BBY, it was under the authority of Grand Admiral Osvald Teshik, followed by Grand Admiral Rufaan Tigellinus.

Imperial Center Oversector was carved up by the New Republic and feuding warlords during the Post-Endor Imperial power struggle. The Empire managed to cling to portions of the Oversector, encompassing territory around the Tarkin Corridor, which would become known as the Imperial Central Oversector. The Imperial Center Oversector was completely reestablished in 15 ABY after the Sixth Battle of Coruscant, which saw a complete Imperial conquest of the Core.

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