Procedure 23-Dorn is an interrogation and re-education procedure developed by Korynn Fleming when he was a member of the Imperial Security Bureau's Interrogation Branch.

The procedure's primary goals were to break a subject's will by the combined use of pain and the pre-supposed fear of that pain.

Stage One Edit

First, the subject is completely immobilized. The interrogator can choose to drag out this stage, if the subject seems to be affected or intimidated by the process. Often, the interrogator will use de-personalization, along with the mentioning of certain tools, procedures, and "special rooms" to enhance the fear factor.

Stage Two Edit

Second, the subject is injected with a neuro-stimulant drug. The drug commonly enhances certain senses, such as sound, taste, and touch. This procedure often raises the subject's fear and adrenaline level, and in some cases, full breaking of the subject happens at this stage.

Stage Three Edit

Lastly, the interrogator will administer a variety of stimulants to the subject. Extremely loud noises or electronic-shock treatment, when paired together with an enhanced sense of sound or touch, for example, often have a remarkably higher percieved pain level on the subject than what the body is actually recieving. Thus, the subject has the perception of being tortured to the point of death (or beyond), when in truth, the subject has only suffered a percentage of what the body could handle.

Commonly Used Drugs Edit

  • Katrohydropenaline -- A mild psychotropic serum, engineered to modify the manner in which the brain stem receives signals from the central nervous system.

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