High Admiral is a rank specific to the Galactic Empire's Navy. A High Admiral commands a Sector Group, a sector's sum total of all available starships.

Template:Rank plate A High Admiral is typically the Imperial Moff commanding that Sector, who also holds the High Admiral's sister rank in the Army, Surface Marshal, though in certain cases it may be a different individual (such as Imperial task forces or fleets that would normally be considered a Sector Group and isn't assigned to a particular sector, or the various Sector Group-sized units assigned to a Grand Moff).

High Admirals report to the Grand Admiral's Council and the Chief of Naval Operations, though under special circumstances, also report to the Sector's Moff (if the High Admiral is not the Moff in question).

A High Admiral was equivalent to a High Marshal in the Imperial Starfighter Corps. One High Marshal was appointed Chief of Starfighter Operations who reported directly to the Chief Naval Officer and the Grand Admiral's Council.

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