The rank and title of Gunnery Sergeant is a senior non-commissioned officer's rank used mostly by army organizations. They are highly regarded as both experts in their particular field and natural leaders.

In New Republic Service Edit

Despite the name, Gunnery Sergeants in the New Republic Army seldom have anything to do with artillery. A Gunnery Sergeant (or 'Gunny', affectionately) is the seniormost NCO in a platoon. He is the Platoon Sergeant, and between him and the Platoon's Lieutenant, they are responsible for everything the platoon does. Most Gunnies are in their tenth year of service or longer. Nevertheless, a good Gunny is invaluable to any platoon, no matter the age. Gunnery Sergeants often decline promotion in order to stay with their soldiers.

In Union Service Edit

In Other Service Edit

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