Hidden away in the fogs and rough seas of the Avocet Naros (northern stormy sea), within the Skayla Archipelago, the citadel-city of Groton resides as the northernmost city on all of Caspar. It was, in fact, founded by riff-raff and lowlifes of the first few generations of pioneers and settlers, becoming an obscure haven well out of the way. Only the coming of the Galactic Empire brought the enclave up to a more noteworthy status, as they drove the denizen inhabitants out, took over the city, built a multitude of new structures, and turned it into a garrison and training facility for the Imperial military. Its remote location appealed to the Imperial officers, since they could keep their forces and equipment seperate from the populace.

For just over fifteen years, Groton served as the functional capital of Caspar under Imperial rule. When the Empire left the system around 2 BBY, much of the material and equipment that the occupants used was left behind. The Caspian military benefited greatly from this lax in Imperial judgement, since there were a trio of turbolaser emplacements left intact, as well as the essential parts to construct a planetary shield generator. The Caspians put them to good use, and through assistance from Republican/Alliance engineers in Admiral Roj's fleet, they produced over a dozen of the vital defense systems. Groton remains a major component of the surface-to-orbit defense grid. Its garrison is home to multiple shield generators and defense guns, including the massive Caspian-developed HOWL hyper-velocity launchers.

Indeed, when Roj and his followers arrived in 4 ABY, they decided to base their operations out of Groton, instead of intruding upon the existing Caspian culture any more than they already were, or constructing a new settlement. It worked adequately for this purpose, but as Roj personnel became more accepted and interwoven into Caspian society, the population became more sparse. With the presidency of Lyr Dunwell, a military school was established in Groton to work alongside the newly-founded Groton Sciences Institute. A small, but extensive, maritime museum is located in the city. CDMC, too, keeps a field office and lab in the area.

Groton is the seat for the Mrankayla province in the Union Assembly. Mrankayla has the distinction of being the smallest of the twelve provinces.

The city has given its name to a Shearwater-class frigate, the CMS Groton (CFG-50).

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