The Great Todell Desert covers a majority of Todell's surface. The capital city of Todell Major is located within the Desert, stategically located near a large source of water and food in the typically barren desert.

Todell has been covered by its desert for several ten thousand years, a result of a catasrophe the primitive natives called the Jar'kai Ming, which has yet to be translated into Basic, most records and historical documents relating to the Todelli having been lost millenia ago during the Todell Civil War.

Archeological digs led by Imperial surveyors in the years following the end of the Clone Wars indicate that Todell was once covered in a vibrant tropical enviornment, with numerous villages and temples spread throughout. Many prominent Imperial scientists have concluded that the Jar'kai Ming was likely equivalent to a modern day Base Delta Zero, although not to the extent the Imperial Navy executes it. Friezes uncovered in ancient Todelli ruins display images of fireballs raining from the skies; the primitive Todelli would not have been able to determine they were blasts from orbiting starships.

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, the Great Todell Desert was used as a training sight for the Imperial Military. It provided soldiers a perfect test in a harsh, unforgiven terrain, against many hardships. The desert would also provide a safe-haven for fugitives and criminals, although how safe it truly is is hard to determine; most who enter the desert without a means of transporation, without essentials such as food and water, are likely to perish within weeks, or less.

The Empire warns citizens to stay within city limits and to avoid the desert at all costs. The Empire does not bother with search and rescue parties to those unfortunate enough to lose themselves in the desert, and the local government is just as lax in this regard.

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