The Grand General's Council is the ruling body of the Imperial Army in the Galactic Empire. Overseen by the Chief of Army Operations, the Council is responsible for the management, direction and upkeep of the Imperial Army and the planning of the war for the Army (usually in conjunction with the Imperial Navy and other Imperial units).

Twelve Grand Generals comprise the Council, with one serving as the Chief of Army Operations (or Chief Army Officer), who is considered the official head of the Imperial Army. Alongside the Grand Admiral's Council, the Grand General's Council is primarly responsible for the war effort against the New Republic. The Council is under the overall direction of the Commander-in-Chief, the Military Executor and Supreme Commander of the Imperial Forces, who also oversees the Grand Admiral's Council and is the head of the Imperial Military.

The Council is higher in authority than the Imperial Ruling Council and the Moff's Council, though in the case of the Imperial Ruling Council it is more of a formality, and the Council generally does not interfere with the Moff's Council.

Alongside the Moff's Council, the Grand Admiral's Council and the Commander-in-Chief, the Grand General's Council comprises Imperial High Command.

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