The rank and title of General encompasses the highest level of a commissioned officer in an army organization, and is occasionally used by some starfighter operations. A General is also referred to as a Flag Officer. Generals are always in charge of something, whether that be a base, a Corps of troops, a Wing of starfighters, or as the chief commander of an entire armed forces branch.

There were several derivatives of the General rank, based on seniority and capability.

In Imperial Service Edit

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A General in the Imperial Army commands an Army, consisting of four Corps.

In New Republic Service Edit

In the New Republic Military, this rank was appropriated by only one person in each branch. The General was also the Director of Ground Operations, and the Director of Starfighter Operations. On rare occasions, the rank was given as an honorary title to dignitaries or war heroes, but even then, it was always subordinate to the General who held a position as an Armed Forces Branch Director.

Derivatives of this rank were Major General and Brigadier General.

In Union Service Edit

In Griffon Service Edit

In Other Service Edit

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