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The Gate of Thrawn was an asteroid in the Hafan Sector that was hollowed out and turned into a fortress in 9 ABY by Moff Jorgen Sekirol for the Galactic Empire. When Sekirol split from the Empire in 14 ABY, the Gate came under the control of the Principality of Chiarn.

It would serve as the final stronghold for the Principality at the end of the Moff Sekirol Crisis. During the Battle of the Gate of Thrawn, the Empire's Task Force Nebula, led by Danik Kreldin, captured the battlestation and executed Jorgen Sekirol, ending the war.

The asteroid base was later captured from the hands of the Empire by Xamuel Lennox and the Imperial Loyalists. The base was moved to the depths of the Outer Rim, where it served as the base of operations for the remnants of the Loyalists.

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