The Galactic Confederation was a galactic government established in 10 ABY under the direction of Emperor Bacharan Valak, as part of his plan for galactic conquest. The Confederation was promoted by Valak as the means to bring peace to the galaxy by bringing the various galactic governments together in a Confederation, directed by a Senate and an Executive Body, composed of Senators from each sector.

A summit was held on Guritsan where members from the Deralian Confederal Union, the Griffon Alliance, and the Corporate Sector Authority met with Imperial diplomats, led by Zeak Oppenheimer, and Valak himself to draft and finalize the Galactic Confederation Charter, which was approved and made into law. Senators were chosen to represent their territories, as well as the Chief Executive and his body.

Despite this apparent act of good-will, the New Republic was not welcomed by the Empire to join the Confederation. Valak's scheme revolved around the threat of the Death Star III. Using the threat of the third Death Star, Valak intended to control the Galactic Confederation as his puppet, believing they would cower before the might of the Death Star and bound by the Charter they had signed.

The Confederation would not last long. Less than a year later, in 11 ABY, the Griffons would violate the Charter, betraying the Empire and assisting the Republic in destroying the third Death Star at the Third Battle of Sluis Van. With the Empire's leverage over the Confederation destroyed, and the Charter proven useless, the Confederation began to fall apart; Valak's scheme was revealed, and the other member states withdrew from the Confederation, thus bringing an end to the short-lived Galactic Confederation.


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