Force Marshal is a military rank typically associated with members of a starfighter corps, most notibly the Imperial Starfighter Corps. It encompasses the highest level of commissioned officer in a starfighter corps, referred to as a Flag Officer.

In Imperial Service Edit

Template:Rank plate In the Imperial Starfighter Corps, A Force Marshal commanded the sum total of a Fleet's Starfighter deployment. This usually was composed of multiple System Flights consisting of multiple thousands of ships and tens of thousands officers and enlisted. Holding the rank of Force Marshal was considered a great accomplishment in the Imperial Starfighter Corps, as the power and authority that came with the rank was highly significant. They were addressed as Marshal. If appointed as a staff officer they would act as an assistant to a High Marshal.

A Chief Marshal in control of a Fleet Flight reported to their sector's High Marshal or Moff, holding authority over all subordinate Marshals and System Flighs under their command.

A Force Marshal was equivalent to a Fleet Admiral in the Imperial Navy.

In Other Services Edit

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