The Executor, also called Military Executor, was the person appointed by the Galactic Emperor to lead the Imperial Military on behalf of the Emperor. The Supreme Commander of the Imperial Forces led the Imperial Military until 15 ABY; in that year, the incumbent Supreme Commander, Danik Kreldin, led a coup against the Emperor, Aleister Vadim. The coup failed, and the Supreme Commander post left vacant. Months later, Vadim issued a decree that combined the Imperial High Command with the Imperial Ruling Council, effectively merging the government with the military. To rule the entire body, Vadim selected the Grand Vizier and his apprentice, Vassily Korolov, declaring him his Executor. The role of Executor was very similar to the role of the Supreme Commander, only that it also ruled over the government; essentially, the Executor was the head of government and the commander-in-chief of the Galactic Empire.

It was a position of extreme power that held sway over the entire Empire minus the Emperor himself. Only Korolov has yet to fill the post. Since the creation of the Executor post, the posts of Supreme Commander and Grand Vizier have been eliminated.

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