The Emperor's Pride Fleet was the armada assembled by Warlord Tagger, then head of the Interim Ruling Council, to retake Coruscant from the newly created Republic.

Emperor's Pride Fleet


After the fall of Coruscant, the remnants of the Empire fled to Dreven in the Faylar system, where the Interim Ruling Council established its base of operations. Admiral Tagger, influential and boasting an impressive fleet, was chosen by the Council to lead the Empire.

Tagger set forth on a campaign to liberate Coruscant, creating the Emperor's Pride Fleet as a means to do so. Drawing other friendly fleets into his own, Tagger was capable of creating an impressive armada. From ports throughout Faylar, at Bastion, and the ports at Yaga Minor, the armada set out and converged at Toprawa where it would then travel down the Hydian Way, picking up additional units along the way until it hit Esseles, where it would then head straight for its final objective: Coruscant.

The Fleet was already plagued with several problems. For one, many of the pilots and crewmen were green, losses from the Post Endor-Imperial power struggle and defeats by the Republic costing the Empire dearly in experienced troops. Secondly, its command staff was poorly adequate: Tagger himself was a politician and inept when it came to military tactics. But the killing blow came in the form of New Republic Intelligence, which discovered the plot to attack Coruscant and set a trap along the Hydian at Bandomeer.

At Bandoomer the Fleet was ambushed and hit hard; but Tagger continued onward, his Fleet assailed each step of the way. By the time the Emperor's Pride Fleet reached Coruscant, it was severely weakened and exhausted. The assault was a major failure, and Tagger ordered the retreat within hours. The remnants of the once grand armada limped back along the Hydian.

The failure of the Emperor's Pride Fleet would see the Empire fall into a more rapid state of decline; unable to gather resources for an offensive against the Republic, the Council decided to wall itself in and deal with the Civil War.


Initially, the armada assembled by Tagger was very large. By the time it reached Coruscant, however, it had been heavily weakened and reduced, due to Republic interceptions.

    Command Structure Edit

    Emperor's Pride Fleet
    Leader - Warlord Tagger
    Commanding Officer - Fleet Admiral Dajk Kethlis
    Second In Command - Rear Admiral Karl Sintax

    Naval Strength Edit

    108px Caution: Wampas Within
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