The Director of Imperial Intelligence was the highest level of command in Imperial Intelligence. Serving as both a part and as commander of the Ubiqtorate, the Director oversaw Imperial Intelligence in its entirety. During the Post-Endor Imperial power struggle, the Director of Imperial Intelligence would have a seat on the Interim Ruling Council and its power greatly increased. During Valak's reign, Intelligence was downsized, and it wouldn't be until the Imperial reorganization in 14 ABY and 15 ABY that the Director's power and influence would be restored to its normal capacities.

In 19 ABY, the position would become much more powerful. With the reorganization of the Galactic Empire into an Imperial Remnant, certain facets of the dissolved COMPNOR and the entirety of the Imperial Security Bureau were folded into Imperial Intelligence. Grand Vizier Korynn Fleming became the first Director of Imperial Intelligence with these new, combined powers.

Known DirectorsEdit

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