The Darksword Squadron
Principality: Galactic Empire
Designation: ISAB-112 Darksword
Base/Wing: HIMS Broadsword
Strength: 12 pilots
12 gunners
36 ground crew
Craft Used: Scimitar Assault Bomber
Rating: Frontline
Members of Merit
Darenak Alesis (squadron leader, 14 ABY)

Darksword Squadron is a Scimitar Assault Bomber squadron assigned to Task Force Inquisitor aboard the HIMS Broadsword.

History Edit

Darksword Squadron was one of the original Scimitar Assault Bomber squadrons to be formed after the mass-production of the new line of Imperial bombers began under the direction of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the man responsible for its development.

Originally stationed aboard the HIMS Sovereign, Darksword established a reputation for itself as a hard-hitting and reliable bomber unit throughout the Great Campaign. Losses suffered by the squadron were only 10%, much lower than most other bomber units participating in the campaign. When the campaign quieted down, Darksword was re-stationed to garrison duty on Todell.

After the War of the Throne, the unit was transferred to the HIMS Conqueror and fell under the command of former Black Stars pilot, Darenak Alesis, who led the squadron throughout the Imperial Blitzkrieg.

The unit garnered a close friendship with War Shrike Squadron during the Blitzkrieg and subsequent campaigns. In 15 ABY, the unit was transferred to the HIMS Inquisitor at the request of Lieutenant Commander Krieg Inrokana to serve in the newly developed Task Force Inquisitor.

During a reorganization in lage 15 ABY, Fleet Commodore Inrokana transferred the squadron to the HIMS Broadsword along with War Shrike Squadron.

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