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Cyrus Valtoor was a former Imperial Army General and Field Marshal of the Principality army. He was the commander of the 1st Army Corps based on Barida and would oversee the defense of the planet against the Empire's Task Force Nebula.

Valtoor's defense of the planet was second to none; his skill and intelligence was unsurpassed on the battlefield. Nevertheless, he would lose to overwhelming Imperial superiority, and would be forced to retreat to Chiarn, where, during the Battle of Chiarn, he would surrender his army and accept imprisonment by the Empire.

After the Principality defeat, he would be pardoned by Danik Kreldin, who appointed Valtoor as his personal advisor. Valtoor would stand by Kreldin's side during the Fourth Battle of Sullust.

Valtoor later sided with the Imperial Loyalists, becoming the head of Army Operations under Xamuel Lennox and Danik Kreldin.

Cyrus Valtoor is a Non-Player Character, for storyline use only.

Behind the Scene Edit

This character was used by the player of Fianar Reanus to participate in the Moff Sekirol Crisis, at the urging of the player behind Danik Kreldin. Although the Chiarnese insurrection was never RPed, Valtoor did make an appearance at Sullust, but presumably is no longer acting in an advisory capacity to either Danik or the Imperial Military, due to the former's apparent treason and subsequent death.

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