The Corellian Secessionist Party was a political party on Corellia formed in 11 ABY by Kennith Kreldin.

After the Second Battle of Corellia, the Empire successfully routed the New Republic forces stationed in Corellia. Rather than launch an invasion of Corellia, the Empire gave the Corellians what they most fiercely desired: independence. As the Imperials withdrew from Corellian space, the Corellian government mandated that Corellia will no longer house New Republic military units.

Corellian remained officially under New Republic juristriction, and subject to New Republic law. As the war dragged on, however, small amounts of New Republic military units were allowed to return to Corellia. This angered many Corellians, and the Fourth Battle of Coruscant did much to shake the galactic population's confidence in the Republic.

Returning to Corellia from Coruscant immediately after the battle, Kennith Kreldin proclaimed he was, while subject to Imperial imprisonment, left behind to rot by the Republic and became an outspoken critic of the Republic. His relationship to the Empire's Danik Kreldin and Kennith's own prior history of service in the Imperial Navy, did negatively affect Kennith's campaign. Nevertheless, he grew a large following, and the Corellian Secessionist Party was formed, calling for the complete secession from the New Republic to secure Corellia's independence.

Their main platform was that the Republic was too weak and inefficent to protect them from the Empire; instead, by being independent, Corellia could open trade with the Empire, the Republic and others without the worry of the Galactic Civil War being brought back to their land yet again.

The Party grew tremendous support and earned a number of seats in the Corellian parliament. Kennith himself was elevated to the role of Minister of Security, granting him control over CorSec and the Corellian Navy. Eventually, the matter to came to vote: all across the Corellian system, citizens flocked to the polls to submit their ballots on whether the Corellian system should secede from the Republic.

The vote was staggeringly close, but, ultimately, Corellia remained independent. Kennith himself would die a few months later, and Corellia would continue to operate under Republic authority. The Party still existed up until 14 ABY, when the Empire claimed the planet during the Imperial Blitzkrieg.

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