The Corellian Secession Movement was a movement to see Corellia removed from the New Republic to return to its independent nature. The Movement began to take on traction in 10 ABY when the Galactic Empire launched an attack on Corellia with the intentions of causing unrest on Corellia, building on the Corellians' fears of Imperial annexation. The Empire essentially started the flame of the Secession Movement - weeks after the attack, many Corellians began talks for distancing itself from the New Republic, fearing further Imperial attacks. Eventually a decision was made to remove the entire New Republic fleet from Corellia, leaving only the shipyards to their use.

The Movement took full-form in 11 ABY under the careful hands of Kennith Kreldin, head of the Corellian Security Force. Kreldin, father of Imperial admiral Danik Kreldin, received much criticism for his ties to the Empire. Nonetheless, he formed the Corellian Secessionist Party and attracted a large following. The Movement grew so powerful that the Corellian government was forced to open the voting booths to reach a consensus on secession. Kreldin, ever planning, forced the government to allow Imperial citizens and soldiers who were also Corellians to return home without any retribution from the Republic, thus propping the vote in his Party's favor.

When the voting booths closed, the consensus was reached; the secessionists failed by a very slim margin. Several weeks later, Kreldin was found dead in his office, of an apparent suicide, although there have been suggestions of homicide. With Kreldin's death, the Party fell in disarray and ultimately disbanded, but the Movement lived on. The Republic fleet did ultimately make a return to Corellia, despite much criticism, defending the world against further Imperial assaults, including the Fourth Battle of Corellia that finally found Corellia conquered by the Empire.

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