Corellian Royal Legion
Corellian Royal Legion
Affiliation Independent
Founded 15 ABY
Commanding Officer Ewan Dain
NPC Strength 50
Status Player Run

The Corellian Royal Legion (CoRoL) was an anti-Imperial organization created by expatriate Corellian noble Ewan Dain in the year 15 ABY, and funded through his and several other anonymous sponsors' efforts. It was comprised of sentients from across the Galaxy equipped and empowered to uphold and defend the ancient ideals of Corellian nobility using diplomacy, intelligence gathering and skill at arms. Members were known as Legionnaires and their ranks were based on the noble titles of Corellia. The defense of Corellia and its peoples against oppression and subjugation was the utmost goal for all Legionnaires, and they firmly believed that it should be independent once again.

These actions were not limited to solely defending Corellia. The Legion also acted in the interests of Corellian allies and trade partners, and generally opposed tyranny of all sorts across the galaxy. Though it was a pro-Corellian organization, over half of the Legion's membership was non-Corellian.

History Edit

<any actions, activities, historical events of involvement go here. What is above is an overview.>

Ranks within CoRoL Edit

Ranks did not reflect noble status on Corellia but within the CoRoL itself. Therefore, one needn't be a Corellian noble to receive these titles, nor even a Corellian. In fact, the CoRoL was particularly fond of recruiting non-Corellians who were willing to give their oath of service to the Legion. All races and genders were encouraged within the organization.

  1. Legionnaire - Navy Blue
  2. Knight - Crimson Red
  3. Count - Sapphire Blue
  4. Earl - Gold
  5. Duke - Emerald Green
  6. Prince - Purple and Black

Uniforms of the CoRoL Edit

All members of the Corellian Royal Legion wear the same uniform. Only its decoration differs. The uniform trim colors are listed next to each rank. The basic uniform is as follows:

  • A collarless royal blue waistcoat with wide gauntleted cuffs trimmed in color based on rank.
  • A rank color trimmed white bandoleer crosses from the right shoulder to the left hip.
  • Fitted white breeches, tucked into tall, highly-polished black boots.
  • Sword is worn at the left hip.

Code of Honor Edit

See CoRoL's Code of Honor

Assets of CoRoL Edit

Starships Edit

* - denotes flagship

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