A Commander was a military rank.

In Imperial Service Edit

Template:Rank plate In the Imperial Navy, a Commander was a command-level rank given authority over a wide area of operations and personnel. Aboard a Star Destroyer, a Commander typically managed a major sector of the warship's operations. A Commander could also be the Star Destroyer's Executive Officer or Third Officer.

In most cases, Commanders were the closet aides to the Captain. On a smaller vessel, a Commander could be the Commanding Officer, or Executive Officer, depending on the situation.

A Commander was equivalent to a Wing Commander in the Imperial Starfighter Corps.

In New Republic Service Edit

In Union Service Edit

Commanders in the Caspian Navy were often heads of departments (such as engineering, medical, logistics, etc.), senior staff underneath a Captain, or the captain of ship itself if said ship was light cruiser scale or smaller, or a support ship. The rank was used frequently in the Naval Aerospace Arm for squadron leaders and the Naval Intelligence Office for senior field directors or agents.

In Griffon Alliance Service Edit

In Other Services Edit

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