The Clash in the Kreldin Estate was a duel fought between Danik Kreldin and Barrien Thrask on Corellia, in the home of Kreldin himself.

Several weeks prior, Danik and his two aides, Sethas and Sandor Woden, hunted down several Bounties on Tatooine and arrested Kyokusha Gackt and Thrask in the process. Both were released after several weeks of confinement. However, as an insult to Thrask, Danik kept the Quarren's coveted sword, and added it to his personal collection.

Thrask swore revenge. Kreldin had previously blasted off the Quarren's hand on Guritsan during the alien interment and already had a mark on Kreldin's head. Thus, he infiltrated Kreldin's Estate while the Imperial was off-duty visiting his family. Retrieving his sword from Kreldin's display case, Thrask then engaged the surprised Kreldin, who, outmached by the Quarren's Enhanced Armor and superior dueling skills, lost quickly in the subsequent duel in which Kreldin utilized a Vibro-Rapier and several hidden knives.

Before the Quarren could finish Kreldin off, however, the security detail within the Estate responded, chasing the Quarren off. Kreldin, embarassed by the obvious defeat, plotted his revenge against the Quarren.

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