Caamasi Gardens is the primary residential district of New Alderaan on Ord Mantell. It was developed in 15 ABY, and rests between Belleau-a-Lir and the Legacy Complex. It was named in remembrance of the Caamasi people, whose homeplanet of Caamas was orbitally bombarded by the Empire in 19 BBY.

Description Edit

Named after a species known for being artistic, wise, and open-minded, the Caamasi Gardens house the majority of New Alderaan's citizens. A gradual uphill slope extends northward from the city's central Chianar Plaza, where tall, white buildings are built into the smooth, yellow soil. These towering buildings are peppered with many balconies, hanging gardens, and hoverlawns, connected by stone and transparisteel skywalks. The Skyline Transit maglev system winds its way through these structures, offering many stations and splitting into multiple railways.

Further north, the uphill slope connects with a rim of tall, rolling hills that surround much of New Alderaan. Here, the buildings grow shorter in height, and are often built directly into the hillsides themselves. Most of New Alderaan's more wealthy citizens call this hilly region their home, and many of the structures are stand-alone houses, mansions and estates, blocked off by privacy fencing of all types.

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