The 21st Caspian Marine Tactical Operations Squadron, or Wildcats, was a Marine Aerospace Division unit of the Union Defense Force. It was one of the first six MAD squadrons formed in the second year of the Crest, and it was frequently deployed on rotating assignments to the Union's frontier in the early days of the SONG network. The pilots were trained in the use of A-wings, and Z-95 Headhunters, but had been equipped with and were getting accustomed to the new Z-100 Centurions.

As part of a goodwill gesture, they were deployed to Pride-1 in Scythia to both supplement Griffon Alliance resources and to conduct patrols and escorts through Tallon's Cut on behalf of several shipping companies. The 'Cats were there for over a month, and had conducted several dozen sorties when the Empire struck at the station in a campaign to take it. Unluckily for the 21st, the opening bombardment resulted in a direct hit on their hangar, and utterly devastated the unit and its support staff. Most of them died outright, while three died later from their injuries.

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