The Bright Jewel Cluster was located in the Mid Rim. Planets within the cluster included Ord Mantell. Under the New Order, the cluster was part of Bright Jewel Oversector. It was later brought into the New Republic after the Battle of Endor.

Other Locations Edit

Other locations have been created by players on Star Wars MUSH that are a part of the Bright Jewel Cluster.

  • BJC-S5.7 - This planet is a large, yellow gas giant orbitting a red dwarf, which orbits in distant synchronicity with the Bright Jewel. The gas giant is surrounded by a large, flat ring. The ring, from a distance, appears to be made entirely of green gasses. However, at closer inspection, the ring is revealed to be a pecular field of asteroids. The asteroids are held in a stable, geosynchrous orbit. Green gasses bounce between the asteroids, keeping them held in their orbits. The green gasses severely distort the sensor capabilities of starships, but the gasses are also equally able of being deflected by standard starship shielding.
Explanation of designator: "BJC" stands for "Bright Jewel Cluster". "S5" stands for "Star #5". ".7" stands for "orbital body #7".

Sources Edit

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