The Bormea Sector was located in the Ringali Shell Cluster, at the intersection of the Hydian Way and the Perlemian Trade Route. Planets in the sector included Corulag, Alfestril, Caprioril, and the "Five Sisters" of Chandrila, Brentaal, Esseles, Rhinnal, and Ralltiir. The Ringali Nebula also curved around this sector.

Senators were Arcel Mosbree of Brentaal, Zafiel Snopps of Corulag, and Mon Mothma of Chandrila. During Imperial rule, Mon Mothma was briefly replaced by Senator Canna Omonda and the sector was governed by Moff Jamson Caglio. Later, as the Rebellion raged, the sector would be rife with turmoil as the Human and Near-Human populace on the various worlds would be divided, even among family lines, between Rebel allegiance and Imperial loyalty. Although the seat of Imperial rule was so close at hand in nearby Coruscant, many alien resistance cells maintained resources in the sector, while the Alliance would shelter agents or operatives here, hidden "in plain sight".

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