Time Taken: One round.

Specializations: A specific type or model of character-scale blaster weapon — blaster pistol, heavy blaster pistol, blaster rifle, BlasTech DL-44, hold-out blaster.

Blaster is the "ranged combat" skill used to shoot blaster weapons that can be held and carried by a character. Blaster covers everything from tiny holdout blasters to large repeating blasters (such as the EWEB heavy repeating blaster used by Imperial snowtroopers on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back). Other blaster types include sporting blasters (Princess Leia uses a sporting blaster in Star Wars: A New Hope), blaster pistols, heavy blaster pistols (like Han Solo's BlasTech DL-44), and the blaster rifles used by stormtroopers.

Do not use blaster to fire fixed blasters or multi-crew weapons (use Blaster Artillery), weapons mounted on vehicles (use Vehicle Blasters), or starship weapons (use Capital Ship Gunnery or Starship Gunnery, both Mechanical skills).

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