The Black Squadron
Principality: Galactic Empire
Designation: ?
Base/Wing: HIMS Inquisitor
Strength: 12 pilots
0 gunners
10 ground crew
Craft Used: TIE Interceptor Mk II
Rating: Frontline
Members of Merit
Commander Seifer Wolf, Former CO
Alex Dante, Former Member
Sarai Litve, Former Member

Black Squadron is a TIE Interceptor squadron assigned to Task Force Inquisitor aboard the HIMS Inquisitor.

History Edit

Black Squadron was founded by Tyler Damion in 15 ABY and passed on to Seifer Wolf for full duty on the HIMS Broadsword.

The Retribution of Coruscant Edit

Black Squadron — the first to enter the field and last to leave it. They performed as fighter support for War Shrike Squadron and the HIMS Broadsword. Halfway through the battle, the squadron was posted to be Grand Admiral Kreldin's fighter support, and Commander Seifer Wolf stayed with the Admiral. However, the Admiral was performing erratically and it surprised Wolf. Then something happened that shocked the Commander — Black Star One, Danik's fighter, exploded right in front of him. Alex Dante in Black 2 and Sarai Litve in Black 3 formed up on Wolf and began decimating the remaining Republic fighters in retaliation for the Admiral's death. All Imperial forces began to fight ferociously, and pushed back the Republicans for the final battle.

After Coruscant was back under Imperial control, Black Squadron was transferred to HIMS Inquisitor under orders from Grand Vizier Vassily Korolov where it joined Task Force Inquisitor.

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