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Battle of the Gate of Thrawn
Conflict: Moff Sekirol Crisis
Date: 14 ABY
Place: Deep Space
Outcome: Imperial victory

Emblem empire starburst
Galactic Empire

Principality of Chiarn


High Admiral Danik Kreldin
Admiral David Stone
General Morrison van Sen

Moff Jorgen Sekirol


HIMS Conqueror
HIMS Malevolent
HIMS Tormentor
HIMS Broadsword

Battlestation Gate of Thrawn
PCS Iron Will



Moff Jorgen Sekirol
PCS Iron Will

The Hafan Sector was, for the most part, now entirely under Imperial control once more. Moff Jorgen Sekirol had been defeated battle after battle, and now had lost his precious INFERNO System Cannon, the only leverage he had against the Empire.

With his Navy in ruins, and his Army decimated, Moff Sekirol retreated his remaining forces to the fortress stronghold of Gate of Thrawn, an asteroid that was hollowed out and turned into a fortress in 9 ABY by Sekirol. His fleet went into defensive positions alongside the two remaining torpedo spheres under his control.

Task Force Nebula was assigned with capturing the fortress and crushing the remaining resistance. After undergoing repairs and resupply at Todell, Task Force Nebula set out on its last mission to crush the Principality of Chiarn.

The battle was intense; the fortress was capable of fielding more firepower than previously anticipated, and in conjunction with the torpedo spheres and the remnants of Sekirol's fleet, Task Force Nebula suffered heavy casualties in the first few minutes of the engagement. Imperial troops began deploying in the midst of the conflict and landed on the fortress itself, and began fighting their way to the control room to capture Sekirol and seize control of the fortress.

The torpedo spheres the Imperials captured at Chiarn were finally put into use and began raining proton torpedoes on the Principality fleet, while the Principality's own spheres were destroyed, but not after having inflicting heavy casualties.

Two hours into the battle, the entire Principality fleet had either surrendered or been destroyed. Imperial troops in the fortress managed to break through to the control room and kill Sekirol, who refused to surrender, and the Gate of Thrawn was placed under Imperial control.

With Sekirol dead, the Principality fleet and army both wiped out, and the Hafan Sector returned to Imperial control, the Moff Sekirol Crisis ended, and Task Force Nebula was disbanded. The war against the New Republic was allowed to continue.

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