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Previous battle: Battle in the Obsidian Citadel
Next battle: Battle of Ord Grovner
Battle of Kashyyyk
Conflict: Sith War
Date: 17 ABY
Place: Kashyyyk
Outcome: Jedi/New Republic victory

New Sith Order

Jedi Order/New Republic/Deralian volunteers


Darth Malign
Admiral Axel Vichten
Grand Admiral Fel

Luke Skywalker
Jessalyn Valios
Commodore Nathal



Task Group Valiant
Task Group Blue Reef


Moderate fleet losses Several Sith agents


The Battle of Kashyyyk was a short conflict between the forces of the New Sith Order, the Jedi, forces of the New Republic, and volunteers from the Deralian Confederal Union.

One day following the Battle in the Obsidian Citadel, Darth Malign mobilized his fleet for an invasion of nearby Kashyyyk. The Dark Lord knew that Enb'Zik had escaped safely from Trandosha and had retreated to rendezvous with DCU forces while Jedi Luke Skywalker and Jessalyn Valios escaped to Kashyyyk. As preparations for his invasion commenced, the Jedi met up with the famed xenoarchaeologist Paul Nighman, recently liberated from his captivity on Corellia, who pronounced his discovery of an ancient Sith artifact. Realizing the value of the artifact, the Jedi agreed to transport Paul and his discovery off of Kashyyyk to the Jedi Temple on Ord Mantell. Before they could extract Paul, however, Malign moved his forces in to begin the invasion.

However, the Battle of Kashyyyk ultimately served as a victory to the New Republic, but also as a cloak of deception as an alternative Sith Military Force led by Drayson Honos captured the planet Ord Grovner.

Ground BattleEdit

Darth Malign personally led the assault on the world. At least five Jedi Knights were killed during the ground assault. More to come.

Space BattleEdit

Both the New Sith Order and the combined New Republic and CDU fleets took moderate losses during the space battle. The New Republic's MC40 cruiser, Defender, and the Assault Frigates Cadomar and Cadomai were destroyed. The New Sith Order lost at least one Victory class Star Destroyer and an old Dreadnaught cruiser. During the battle, More to come.


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