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Battle of Charad
Conflict: Galactic Civil War
Date: 11 ABY
Place: Charad
Outcome: Imperial victory

Emblem empire starburst
Galactic Empire

Emblem nr starphoenix
New Republic


Rear Admiral Danik Kreldin
Captain Fianar Reanus

General Joshua Arands
Captain Tyler Damion


Black Stars Squadron





The Black Stars squadron visited the Imperial supply base over the planet Charad following the Mission to Oro IV. A New Republic force, led by Joshua Arands, attacked the planet to destroy the Imperial base on the planet.

The Black Stars quickly deployed to keep the Republic fighters from entering the atmosphere, but were unable to prevent the X-wings and B-wings of the Republic from breaking through.

Republic starfighters began bombarding the Imperial base, but after a period of intense bombardment, were driven off by the Black Stars, and the Imperial base saved.

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