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The Battle of Blood Alley
Conflict: Nar Shaddaa Revolution
Date: 15 ABY
Place: Nar Shaddaa
Outcome: New Sith Order victory (in secrecy)

New Sith Order

Grubba the Hutt


Darth Malign
Antoine Dareus
Kaitlin Mainwaring
Juran Reinzhiner

Ander Dar


Allies to Darth Malign and Thanos.

The "Thrashers" Swoop Gang
The "Slashers" Swoop Gang


Unb'tar and the Thrashers
Ander Dar and the Slashers

"You either ride with Tatooine Bob, or you ride against him."
Darth Malign, using his alias Tatooine Bob.

The Battle of Blood Alley was an intense swoop battle during the Nar Shaddaa Revolution of 15 ABY.

A Safe Place Edit

The Side Deck, a sports bar and starship facility, became a fortress for those leading the revolution. Most of Malign's allies met there, because it was a stronghold against Grubba the Hutt's thugs. They'd be forced to take the fight to the streets again, however, when Malign and a pair of undercover New Republic operatives had a run in with the Thrashers, one of Grubba's swoop gangs. They were chased to the Side Deck, where Malign's allies prepared to take on the swoop gang at their own game.

The Thrashers Edit

"Well, guess I shouldn't have called his mother that."
— Tatooine Bob

Tyler rode out to meet the gang's Dug leader, Unb'tar. What might have been an attempt to resolve disagreements quickly turned into a dangerous race for the upper levels, with Unb'tar's rowdy gang gaining quickly on Malign's allies. Grenades and blaster fire filled the air. Makeshift bombs fashioned out of cocktail bottles by Lynae added to the fray. The race was dangerous, the battle fierce, and it was over in a matter of minutes.

The Slashers Edit

Unb'tar had been killed, the Thrashers defeated. In their wake, a rival gang also under Grubba's hire came along to finish the job their rivals couldn't pull off. The Slashers, under the leadership of Ander Dar, weren't going to take chances after the Dug's gang failed to weaken Tatooine Bob's revolutionaries. They opened fire once they were close enough, but not with blasters; with ZCF grenade launchers. This time, the racing battle wasn't so easy, and some of Tatooine Bob's allies began to fall. However, the Slashers were losing numbers faster than Ander Dar would have liked.

The Slashers arranged themselves into a pincer formation, trying to trap their enemies at near psychotic speeds. When they caught up with Tatooine Bob's gang, however, they discovered how ferocious the Sith's allies could be. Malign, Kaitlin, and Lynae allowed the Slashers to overtake them and blow past them, while dropping the Slashers like flies. Grubba's swoop gang responded by dropping frag grenades into the streets below, filling their pursuer's paths with deadly shrapnel and blazing explosions. Those left on their swoops after this attack were able to move in and take out the rest of Ander Dar's Slashers.

In a suicide move, Dar pulled about and ran a last ditch run of rage, to take out as many of Tatooine Bob's people as possible. Instead, he was dispatched by the Sith Lord. The battle ended at Blood Alley, giving a new meaning to its name.

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