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Attack on AB-345
Conflict: Sith War
Date: 17 ABY
Place: AB-345, Quoram System
Outcome: Republic victory

New Sith Order

New Republic/Deralian volunteers


Wescal Cantrell
Commander Dregard (NPC)

Lynae Cassius
Rasi Praddhan Cen
Johanna Siri te Danaan



  • 1 light space station
  • 14 starfighters
  • 17 soldiers
  • Commander Dregard


The Attack on AB-345 was a New Republic-led raid on AB-345 in the Quoram System. Its objective was to raid the Sith-held mining world and rescue a contingent of slaves held by the Sith on the world. The attack happened to coincide with the arrival of two Knights of Korriban, Wescal Cantrell and Sentinel, whom were conducting an inspection of AB-345 and nearby operations. Despite the arrival of the Knights, the attack was a success for the Republic. The space station in orbit was destroyed by CRV Audacity, while Republic Marines, aided by a crew of DCU Marines, assaulted the base camp on world and rescued many of the slaves.

The assault on the base camp was initially met with light resistance; the Marines literally got the drop on the base, entering combat via drop pods. Only the timely arrival of Cantrell and Sentinel helped the base put up a form of resistance; the two Knights performed their own drop incursion, with Cantrell "riding" his fellow Wookiee Knight directly on top of the Marines, crushing several of them in their descent. The two Knights would give the Marines a run for their money, slaying many and incapacitating several others. During the fighting, Privateer was critically damaged by Johanna Siri te Danaan. The cruiser lost all control and crash-landed onto the battlefield, causing chaos within the Marines and the Sith defenders. But eventually the Marines gained the upper-hand when air support arrived and the slaves were rescued.

Audacity was heavily damaged during combat when the space station she was assaulting prematurely exploded due to a reactor overload; Audacity was too close to the space station.

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