The Assault on Sigma Star Industries was a small battle fought between the Restoration of the New Order, a Neo-Empire splinter group led by Danik Kreldin, and Greiko Lornan's Neo-Imperial Movement, several months after the Neo-Imperial Movement Mutiny.

Sigma Star Industries had been the legitimate front for the Neo-Empire, a starship auction house and repair facility, owned and operated by both Lornan and Fianar Reanus. The Mutiny split the Neo-Empire, and Kreldin fought back, organizing his men under the RNO and launching an assault on SSI's headquarters on Nar Shaddaa.

The attack was a success, despite numerous loss in life, and SSI, and the Neo-Empire, fell under Kreldin's control once more. Lornan was arrested, but convinced Kreldin to travel to Etti IV, where he sprung a trap that would see the demise of the Neo-Empire.

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