The Antilles Sea is an expansive body of water on Ord Mantell. The city of New Alderaan rests on the southwestern edge of the sea, nestled around a natural inlet. The inlet itself was created many millenia ago, when a large asteroid plummeted into the terrain. Centuries later, the neighboring body of water would fill the inlet, lowering the overall sea level and helping to create some of the expansive plains bordering the New Alderaan wilderness.

The Antilles Sea inlet is touched by the New Alderaan cityscape. On its northern edge, the Belleau-a-Lir entertainment district takes up much of the clean waterfront with public and private beaches alike. Further along, the beaches diminish as the northern rim of hills cuts into the landscape, peppered with upscale estates and residencies.

Further along to the south, the New Jedi Temple and New Alderaan Military Base look out over the water, separated from it by yet more miles of public beaches.

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