Aned Kirkland was a mercenary who once served in the Galactic Empire as a starfighter pilot. Born before the Clone Wars, Kirkland saw many battles over his life. He grew disillusioned with the Empire after the Battle of Endor and abandoned his post, fleeing from the mess that had become the Empire. He spent the rest of his life fighting as a mercenary, working for whomever required his services. This eventually led him to the Red Brigade, the New Republic's paramilitary brigade formed on Mon Calamari in response to the lack of able soldiers to deal with the Dac Civil War. He participated in several campaigns during the Civil War and bore witness to the destruction of Rogue Squadron. He later found his way into the New Sith Order, inducted by Aknar Koth'lyri. He was killed during the Battle of Kashyyyk, courtesy of a proton torpedo from Lance Corbet.

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