The Alien Internment on Guritsan was a massive internment operation executed by Grand Moff Scaven Marx and Darth Malign to aid in the reconstruction of Guritsan in 13 ABY.

Warlord Malign, utilizing the First Fleet's Task Force Hammer, executed a series of small operations that rounded up thousands of non-human species from various planets, bringing them to Guritsan, currently undergoing heavy reconstruction. The non-humans were placed into internment camps and forced into slave labor, put to work on the reconstruction of the former Imperial capital, devastated by the War of the Throne.

The non-humans were largely mistreated, poorly fed, and many died. Several attempts by the Jedi, prominently Johanna Siri te Danaan, and New Republic officials, to stop the internment were made, but, ultimately, failed. Guritsan would go on to be entirely rebuilt. After their job on Guritsan was finished, the slaves would be transferred to other areas of the Empire, to aid in the development of weapons and defense equipment for the upcoming Imperial Blitzkrieg.

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