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The 65th Legion
The Emperor's Own
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Designation: ST
Station: Coruscant
Strength: 10,000
Rating: Elite
Sim Status: NPC
Commanding Officers

The 65th Legion, was formed during the Clone Wars and was known for the distinctive red pattern to their armor. This legion of Stormtroopers served as the defensive force on Imperial Center for the protection of the Palace, and was the forerunner of the Emperor's Royal Guard. During the Battle of Coruscant this legion was all but wiped out. It was reformed under Emperor Valak's reign, and served for many years aboard the HIMS Inquisitor. They are now based on Coruscant.

History Edit

Like the 501st Legion, the 65th was formed on the world of Kamino. The legion would be called to action with the 501st on Geonosis where they helped route seperatist forces under the command of Jedi Generals. The performance of both the 501st and 65th during that battle caught the attention of Chancellor Palpatine who intimately understood the need of a force of superior fighting capability and unflinching loyalty. While the 501st was trained and destined to become a mobile strike force, the 65th became masters of urban warfare, especially among the space reaching spires of the planet city Coruscant. They were given the label Shocktroopers from which their designator ST was derived, their armor was marked in Imperial red to denote their assignment as the Emperor's personal Legion.

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Organization Edit

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