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The 462nd Legion
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Designation: NT
Station: HQ'd on HIMS Vindictive
Sim Status: NPC
Commanding Officers

The 462nd Legion, was a Stormtrooper legion that outfitted the warships and support vessels of the Imperial Navy's Task Force Inquisitor.

History Edit

Recent Events Edit

Organization Edit

1st/2nd/3rd Cohort Edit

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Cohorts are stationed on board their headquarter vessel, HIMS Nemesis.

4th Cohort Edit

The 4th Cohort is stationed on board HIMS Broadsword.

5th Cohort Edit

The 5th Cohort is stationed on board HIMS Ravager.

6th Cohort Edit

The 5th Cohort is stationed on board HIMS Oppressor.

10th Cohort Edit

The 10th Cohort is divided into individual centuries and squads, to outfit Task Force Inquisitor's smaller warships and support vessels.

Other Cohorts Edit

The rest of the legion's cohorts are stationed at a garrison on Corellia, where they serve to boost the Imperial presence and are used as replacements for Stormtroopers killed during operations with Task Force Inquisitor. Many troopers from these cohorts may find themselves suddenly transferred to other legions, such as the 501st or the 322nd.

Battles Edit

Notable Memebers Edit

OOC Notes Edit

  • The 462nd Legion is not open to being played by player characters on the MUSH. It exists completely of NPC's. However, players who are part of the Empire, and especially the 501st Legion, will utilize them in role-play from time to time.

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