18 ABY covers events from January 1st, 2009 until June 30th, 2009. (This is due to a 6month leap in the New World's timeline.)

Battles Edit

Events Edit

  • Danik Kreldin is rescued from the Sith prison ship, Hades, and brought to the New Republic to stand trial for his crimes. Also rescued from Hades: Jan Dodonna.
  • During the Battle of Kamino, a temporary truce is brokered between the New Republic's Captain Starwind and the Empire's Force Marshal Inrokana in the face of a Sith threat to both of their groups.
  • A group angered by the Desolation of Grinndal makes an assassination attempt on Danik Kreldin. It is unsuccessful. It is learned that the group was sparked into action by the words of Senator Alistair Al'Dira, who had publically called for Kreldin to hang.
  • During his trial, the Sith-controlled Vengan Draelis attempts to assassinate Danik Kreldin, but Kreldin is rescued by Luke Skywalker. Draelis is arrested, but later breaks out of the Republic military's custody, gravely wounding several officers (including Siren Delamont) and bypassing Skywalker and two other Jedi in the process.
  • Danik Kreldin is found guilty at the conclusion of his trial and sentenced to life imprisonment. During his transport to the starport, a group of mercenaries successfully rescues Kreldin and smuggles him off-world during the chaos provided by a second attempt on Kreldin's life by Vengan Draelis.
  • Vengan Draelis is successfully apprehended by his fellow marine and long-time friend, Wrista Ipex, after a three-day pursuit. He is taken to the Jedi Temple for treatment.
  • Wrista Ipex goes AWOL prior to the Battle of Nak Shimor in order to rescue her family from COMPNOR custody. She tracks them to Yaartsek, where she also rescues Javin Mitali, an old friend who went missing during the Dacan Civil War.

Births Edit

Sabine Nighman, daughter of Jessalyn Valios and Paul Nighman

Deaths Edit

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