Covering MUSH events occurring from March 2004 until March 2005.

This is also referred to as Year 32 on the Imperial Standard calendar.

IC Events Edit

  • The Deralian Confederal Union accepts the petition for political ward from a Mikassi emissary on behalf of the planet. Deralia extends its frontier to Mikassa, and authenticates several business arrangements that had been founded between companies on both sides. A junior diplomat, with a Marine contigent as escort, establish an ad-hoc embassy.
  • Emperor Malus begins to disappear from Imperial politics, reminiscent of what transpired with prior Emperor Valak. It is during this time that Darth Malign, an Imperial warlord, begins to consolidate power within the Empire.
  • Dreven is blockaded by Warlord Malign's Fleet. Guritsan undergoes massive reconstruction, led by Grand Moff Scaven Marx, with the help of labor droids and enslaved non-humans.
  • Danik Kreldin returns to the Empire and becomes Malign's top military advisor.
  • Guritsan is re-opened with a domed capital city, safe from the radiation and dust storms caused when the SSD was crashed into it during the War of the Throne. Outside off the domed city, the planet remains a wasteland.
  • Darth Malign declares the declares the annexation of the Deralian Confederal Union. The Congregation votes on whether or not to be annexed. After a quick vote the annexation is soundly refused. The Empire declares Deralia to be in a "state of rebellion", but curiously declares the President of the DCU, Elana Tracer to be their appointed Moff. Tracer attempts to veto the Congregation's vote.




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